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June 28, 2016

Modern Window Shades & Blinds at Great Prices

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We have compiled a list of 4 simple but impactful styling ideas for you window blinds. See if any of the concepts suit your preferences by scrolling down through the list. Choosing the right blinds for your home windows can be tricky. Color, shape and safety are all important, and then there is functionality to think about. Here we provide you a list of styling ideas that we hope will help inspire your selection criteria.Read More
Roman shades can make every room look as if it belongs to a palace. But how do you choose between the many different models? Take a closer look at some of the main design options. Read More
Roman shades have been around for decades, proving to beat the test of time when it comes to home décor trends. However, this style of window blinds has transformed into many different versions since the original fabric Roman style. The wide variety of possibilities also offers a wider variety of functionality and affordability for your home, making these a great investment. Let’s take a closer look. Array of Materials and Styles Roman blinds can beRead More