Honeycomb Blinds

July 6, 2016

honeycomb blindsCreating the perfectly cozy living space in your home or the most productivity-promoting work space requires natural lighting control with the help of blinds. Lighting is a crucial part to any space. Interior designers and architects constantly check whether the physical attributes of a space will complement or disrupt the ambient lighting of the said place. You should adopt the same meticulous mindset when it comes to choosing the best window blinds.

Honeycomb – The Cellular Difference

When you think about window sun shades, you may picture something as simple as a piece of fabric hanging on a window or something as intricate as an artistically molded plastic vane. Whether they’re simple or intricate, they have the same main function and that is to control light coming in. When it comes to honeycomb blinds however, there is an added benefit of having extra insulation value.

The insulation effect comes from the air that’s trapped in between the spaces created by the interconnected segments of the shade vanes. What this means is that during the cold months, it would be a wise choice to put up your honeycomb style shades instead of just a single fabric or plastic-type covering if you’re concerned about minimizing heat loss in your home or office.

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