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Motorized Roman Shades | Cornell | Malibu Blinds & Shades

Motorized Roman Shades

Customer Issue: This customer was remodeling his home and wanted a clean look that leaned toward Scandinavian.
Our Solution: In order to meet our customer’s requirements, we suggested installing roman shades. Mr. Terry went one step further and added motors to his new window treatments. As for the color, he decided on the color that was a bit lighter than the existing area rug. We took the measurements, tailored the fabric of Mr. Terry’s choice and returned a few days later. Having installed the shades, we explained to Mr. Terry how to program and operate them and were on our way.

Jeremy Terry - Cornell
Roller Shades Next To Malibu CA

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted some low-cost shades installed for his living room window. Some fabric roller shades seemed like the best option.
Our Solution: This window didn’t have much of an indented frame, so we had to size the shades and roller for external operation. We gave the bottom of the cotton shades a heavier bamboo ornamentation that also served to weigh it down. This let the roller shade stay in place without a window frame to contain it, and the drawstring and roller bore the weight just fine.

Victor Garrett - Malibu
Motorized Blinds Close To Malibu CA

Motorized Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Hart wanted to simplify his home and to better utilize his smart home system. He reached out to us, hoping he could upgrade his window treatments.
Our Solution: Motorized blinds had the features that Mr. Hart had been hoping for. They connect to smart home systems and allow it to control the lighting via opening or closing the blinds. The smart home system can even adjust them according to the temperature to avoid wasting energy. This way, Mr. Hart won’t have to worry about any of it himself.

Robert Hart - Malibu
Motorized Venetian Blinds Close To Cornell CA

Motorized Venetian Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Walters wanted to be able to easily operate all his blinds at once to simplify things, as it was troublesome to have to move all over his home to adjust them.
Our Solution: Our experts spoke with the customer to discuss motorized options, as motorization would allow him to open and close all his blinds at once. To suit the style of his home, it was decided that white Venetian blinds would complement perfectly. They were created to suit each window and installed.

Colin Walters - Cornell
Solar Shades Nearest Westlake Village CA

Solar Shades

Customer Issue: The room was getting too hot in the afternoons and needed an urgent solution.
Our Solution: Our team recommended the 1% solar shades, offering the highest sun blocking capacity while keeping the room cool and still providing a view of the outdoors. The customer chose an inside mounted, patterned grey fabric made of polyester/vinyl blend, with a continuous chain loop operation.

Lawrence Carey - Westlake Village
Vinyl Blinds Nearby Malibu CA

Vinyl Blinds

Customer Issue: Damage to the customer’s window and blinds during a vandalism incident left him in need of replacements.
Our Solution: Since the housing was still undamaged, our team simply opened it and removed the vinyl blinds before replacing them with another, nearly identical set. A little testing to make sure the reinstalled treatments opened and closed as needed, and the job was completed successfully.

Enrique Martinez - Malibu
Drapery Close To Monte Nido CA


Customer Issue: Mr. Jackson wanted some curtains added to supplement the existing blinds on his office window.
Our Solution: A pair of deep, navy blue polyester drapes with a golden valance and tasseled ribbon-ties made a perfect fit for Mr. Jackson’s color scheme and Victorian style office aesthetic. Finding a place for the wall hooks took a little bit of office rearranging, but the end result was well worth it.

Barry Jackson - Monte Nido
Motorized Cellular Shades Close-by Malibu CA

Motorized Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted to see if he could control the temperature in his living room more easily with a double-layered cellular shade added, without his unpredictable work schedule getting in the way.
Our Solution: A pair of sheer white nylon layers encircle the synthetic cellular shades our team assembled and installed over Mr. Przybylski’s living room porch sliding door. After the motorized lift mechanism was installed, we programmed it to activate automatically at certain times, whether the customer is home or not.

Jaroslav Przybylski - Malibu
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Outstanding Service

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5-Year Warranty

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Personal Touch

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High-Quality Products

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