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The world of window shades and blinds is more diverse than you can imagine and you can learn lots of new and useful things with the help of our FAQ page. Read the answers to important questions and take full advantage of the shared advice.

What are the main types of Roman shades?

The pleated shades are a classic option. They are beautifully textured and look absolutely lavish. The flat panel models are more modern. They are quite plain and this makes them a great choice for decorating any room. You can also get a Roman/cellular shade combo that consists of layered fabrics with air pockets that provide extra insulation. Give us a call to learn about all the available options via a free in-home consultation.

What is the useful life of window shades?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors. The most important ones are the strength and quality of the fabric as that will determine it's damage resistance level. How often you use the shades also plays a factor, naturally. The environmental conditions in your area will also influence how long your window coverings will last.

Can I dry clean my woven shades?

In general, dry cleaning is not recommended for any type of fabric window cover. Still, it is always best to check what the manufacturer says on the matter just to be on the safe side. You should know that vacuum cleaning works great for these window treatments, especially if you use the upholstery brush attachment.

What kinds of blinds work best for a children room or a nursery?

You have to make sure that whatever type of window treatments you chose, their operating mechanism is designed to be perfectly safe for small kids. There shouldn't be any cords hanging too low, and if possible, go with a cordless option. You can also consider going with motorized blinds and shades, that you can operate via remote control or smartphone apps.

Do all modern shades and blinds offer insulation?

They actually do, to an extent. However, there are huge differences between the level of insulation different blinds and shades can provide. Their material and structure will be the major influencing factors when it comes to determining that. Naturally, cellular shades do the best job, but that's not to suggest that other types of shades can't provide thermal efficiency as well.

How do I choose office window blinds?

Our Malibu Blinds & Shades professionals recommend that you focus your attention on models which are strong, simple to operate and easy to maintain. They should give you maximum flexibility in adjusting the amount of light which comes in. Your chosen window coverings should also promote employee productivity and add some style to the surrounding decor. Because there are so many options, our suggestion is that you book a free consultation and let us help. With our guidance, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect blinds for your office windows.


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