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Mini blinds

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Mini blinds

Mini blinds elegantly complementing the decor of a room, adding both style and functionality.

Welcome to Malibu Blinds & Shades, your premier destination for a comprehensive range of high-quality mini blinds and expert window treatment solutions. Elevate your living or working space with our top-notch products, impeccable installation services, and insightful advice on transforming your interior. Whether it's for residential or commercial spaces, indoors or outdoors, we've got you covered.

Wide Range of Mini Blinds:

At Malibu Blinds & Shades, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of mini blinds to suit every style and preference. Our collection features various materials, colors, and styles to complement your interior seamlessly. From classic to contemporary, we have the perfect mini blinds to enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Expert Installation and Motorization:

Our skilled professionals not only provide flawless installation but also offer motorization services for added convenience. Partnering with top brands such as Somfy and Lutron, we bring cutting-edge automation to your window treatments, ensuring a blend of sophistication and functionality.

Benefits of Mini Blinds:

  • Versatility: Mini blinds offer a versatile solution for any room, providing privacy and light control with easy adjustments.
  • Cost-Effective: Wondering, "Are mini blinds expensive?" Not with us! Our products are budget-friendly without compromising on quality.
  • Energy Efficiency: Mini blinds help regulate temperature, keeping your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Low Maintenance: Easily maintainable, our mini blinds are resistant to dust and can be effortlessly cleaned.

What Sizes Mini Blinds are Sold With?

The most popular sizes for mini blinds are not explicitly mentioned in the search results. However, we can infer some common sizes based on the information provided. Mini blinds are typically available in various sizes, ranging from 18 x 18 inches to 72 x 72 inches, with common sizes including 24 x 72, 36 x 72, 48 x 72, and 60 x 72 inches. The standard width of mini blinds ranges from 24 inches to 60 inches.

Some factors to consider when choosing the size of mini blinds include:

  • Window size: The size of the blinds should be proportional to the window size. Larger windows may require wider slats, while smaller windows may need narrower slats[4].
  • Slat width: Common slat widths for mini blinds are 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 1 3/8 inches, 2 inches, and 2 1/2 inches, with 1 inch being the most common and versatile size[2].
  • Room and décor: The size and style of the room, as well as the desired level of privacy and light control, may influence the choice of mini blind size[5].

When selecting the size of mini blinds, it's essential to consider the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner, as well as the dimensions of the window and the desired coverage.

Free Consultation and Installation:

Take advantage of our complimentary consultation services to explore the best window treatment options for your space. Our experts will guide you through the selection process and provide valuable insights to make informed decisions. Our commitment doesn't end there; we offer free installation to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Cordless Blinds for Safety and Style:

Experience the convenience and safety of cordless blinds and shades. Our installations prioritize safety while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your windows.

Choosing Mini Blinds Wisely:

Not sure where to start? Our team will assist you in choosing mini blinds that perfectly fit your needs, style, and budget. We specialize in creating customized solutions tailored to your unique requirements.


What are mini blinds called?

Mini blinds are also known as venetian blinds or aluminum blinds.

Are cordless mini blinds better?

Yes, cordless mini blinds are safer, more convenient, and add a sleek look to your windows.

Do mini blinds go inside or outside?

Mini blinds can be installed both inside and outside the window frame, depending on your preference.

Do mini blinds help keep heat in?

Yes, mini blinds contribute to energy efficiency by regulating heat and light.

Is it hard to install mini blinds?

Not at all! Our expert team provides seamless installation services to make the process hassle-free.


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