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Cellular Shades

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In this page, you can find information about the oh so favorite cellular shades. These unique window coverings are special in that their main focus is to offer the room an added layer of insulation. Apart from blocking and filtering sunlight, that is. How do they do this? Keep reading.

Why Shades Are Important In General

Creating the perfectly cozy living space or a productivity-promoting workspace requires natural lighting control. That's best achieved with the help of blinds. Interior designers and architects constantly check whether the physical attributes of a room will complement or disrupt its potential natural lighting capabilities. Too much glare can have an adverse effect on productivity. It can also damage your eyes. That doesn't mean that one should just keep their windows and blinds closed throughout the day. With the use of covers specifically designed to filter light and provide protection from UV radiation and harsh glare, you can enjoy ambient lighting with all its pros and without the cons.

The Cellular Difference

When you think about window shades, you may picture something as simple as a piece of fabric hanging on a window. Maybe you think of something more intricate, like an artistically molded plastic vane. Whether they're simple or intricate, the coverings have the same main function. That function is to control light coming in. When it comes to cellular shades, however, there is an added benefit of having extra insulation value. The honeycomb-like structure of these coverings creates a buffer between the interior of the room and the outside world. Hot air will have a hard time traveling through this barrier, making it an excellent source of extra insulation that also filters harsh sunlight and offers privacy. What this means is that during the cold months, it would be a wise choice to put up your cellular shades instead of just a single fabric or plastic-type covering if you're concerned about minimizing heat loss in your home or office.

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