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Sheer Shades

Glare Reducing Sheer Shades

An excellent way to keep harsh sunlight at bay!

Sheer Shades

Sheer | Malibu Blinds & Shades, LA

This style of window treatments is made up of a set of adjustable tilting slats covered by a light fabric, making them both blinds and shades at once. Sheer shades give you more control over the light and privacy levels than either part alone would grant individually, and create a unique ambiance.

The Strengths of Both

The major selling point of blinds is that they allow you to adjust their tilt to let in as much or as little light (and air, if the window pane is open) as you want. The biggest advantages of shades are that they are softer, more visually appealing, and filter the sunlight while also not compromising on privacy. Even when you need to turn the slats parallel to the floor to let in the amount of light you need, you don’t have to worry about people peeking in from outside.

Filtered Light Levels

Sheer shades offer all of these perks simultaneously, and the sunlight that comes in between the blinds and through the shade layer has a soft, dappled quality to it unlike anything else. These types of shades are prized for the almost ethereal quality of the light they admit. Of course, like any other good window treatment, you can also pull the entire thing up and leave the window completely open. In other words, sheer shades are like a sophisticated electric light switch with multiple settings.

Customizable and Simple

For all their utility and class, sheer shades are quite simple in their workings, and as such are readily customizable. They can come in horizontally or vertically sliding or compressing structures. The covering cloth layer can be made of any of the usual shades materials, and ours are available in any color (though lighter hues tend to work best). Our sheer shades can even be made with cellular honeycomb structures to retain heat, and have the same motorization options as our other products.

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